What will be the key features on the intranet in 3 years?

Some of the speakers from IntraTeam Event Stockholm 2018 have answered questions regarding the intranet/digital workplace in the future. Below you can read what the speakers think about the question “What will be the key features on the intranet in 3 years?


Social communication, sharing of documents and regular news articles. Video will also be important, but in an open landscape and without headphonesregular video communication is not optimal, so I think we need to find the form for semi-video communication if it’s to really take off  – Rikard SpålséusSwedish Match


Content is still the number one ‘feature’ on any intranet, and I can’t see that changing – Sharon O’DeaLithos Partners


  1. Collaboration and co-creation
  2. Voice search
  3. Bots –  Agnieszka HaładusTrans.eu


Smart assistants, real-time co-creation tools, andvoice interfaces – Oscar Berg,Unicorn Titans


Social features, Self Service chat bots  & Team workspaces –  David KennedyRedd Barna


Search will continue to be a focus point, as will collaboration. An area of growth I thinks will be clever out-of-the-box dashboard solutions – Cecilie Rask, Danish National Police


  1. Good search
  2. One stop shop for all tools and services needed to do your job depending on role, geography, function,
    project, etc.
  3. Team work tools
  4. Video and knowledge sharing – Elena BogdanovaRivelty.Intranet


Bring your own device, Seamless integration will workplace applications, Video – Jacqui RandleScottish Government


Integration and interconnectivity –  Morten DalPANDORA


Two-way communicationricher video media, chatbots – Phil KroppOrangeTrail

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