Webinar: GRUNDFOS’ use of 3D models

  • 12/12/2022
  • 14:30 to 15:30
  • Microsoft Teams

We have all heard of “Radar” and “Sonar” from our favorite spy movies, but perhaps “LiDAR” is not yet part of our day-to-day vocabulary. Just like the first two, LiDAR is a method for measuring distances, and it has developed (and shrunk!) in recent years, to the point where a sensor is now included in the latest versions of some iPhones. This enables us to generate 3D models of our surroundings much more effortlessly. However, LiDAR is not the only method to enable this. We can describe various of these methods under the umbrella term: Reality Capture.

At Grundfos, Christian and Carlos are leveraging on various of these reality capture methods to generate 3D models of customer sites, which can be used during various stages of the sales cycle. From having a first conversation about a specific site without being on location, to showing a customer what an offered product can look like in their exact facility, having a 3D visualization to accompany these discussions always helps with the communication of ideas, and spatial awareness.

In this webinar, Carlos will explain how easy it is to generate some of these 3D models, whether you have access to a phone with LiDAR or not. They will also show some of the relevant use cases, demonstrating the potential of real-time rendered 3D content, from something as small as a pump component, to a whole customer site. The wide range of scale and applications will for sure inspire you to consider these tools, regardless of what business you are in.

We will leave a significant amount of time for Q&A, where we can discuss further topics like the first steps in getting started with reality capture, where the development trends are going, the best practices depending on your use case, and whatever is on your mind!

Webinar with Carlos Ebrahim Vendrell, Senior XR Engineer, GRUNDFOS

I’m an engineer by education and have been narrowing down this wide scope over the years. From an Industrial Engineering start, which shaped the way I approach problems; to focusing on Mechanical Engineering, which allowed me to move to Denmark 4 years ago; to further pursuing a career in XR and AI, where I work to operationalise the latest tools and add the most value to the water industry through digital, sustainable, and FUN solutions.


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