Webinar: Leveraging SharePoint to Enhance Teams

  • 12/09/2022
  • 14:30 to 15:30
  • Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams may be breakout hit of Microsoft 365, but SharePoint still plays a pivotal role in document management, navigation and communication. Learn how to effectively structure, configure and stylize your SharePoint sites to extend the collaboration experiences offered within Microsoft Teams.

Key takeaways:

  • Document Management: How to leverage libraries, metadata, views and folders to provide a rich, but simple document management experience within SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.
  • Enhanced Styling: When and how to enhance your list and library views, columns and forms with custom formatting to make them easier to use.
  • Page Design: How to design your SharePoint pages and leverage web parts to facilitate collaboration.
  • Microsoft Teams Integration: What are the best practices to integrate Teams and SharePoint so that your users leverage both tools effectively?
  • Template Examples: See real world examples of amazing SharePoint collaboration templates for projects and departments.

Webinar with David Francoeur, Orchestry. 

As a speaker, author, and consultant operating across industries, David brings to Orchestry a diversified perspective on solving problems in the Digital Workplace. Working cross-functionally to guide products from conception to launch, he carefully connects the technical and business worlds. Passionate about user experience and design, David thrives on outcomes that are not only successful from a technological perspective but more critically; adopted, championed, and valued by the business.

Beyond his passion for the digital workplace, David enjoys spending time with his spouse and daughter, playing soccer, or reading a good book.


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