Webinar: Taking responsibility for your personal development in the digital environment

  • 07/10/2019
  • 15:00 to 16:00
  • Online webinar
Webinar w/Scott D McArthur, Sculpture Consulting Ltd

In this webinar you will:

– be introduced to a new frame for personal development – one that will help you to commit to lifelong learning and boost your confidence
– meet the Chronophage and understand how to deal effectively with digital bombardment
– become familiar with a number of apps that can be used to hone you approach to personal development
– be provided with a tool to chart day to day progress at work and in your personal life

Webinar of particular value to:

– People looking for progression
– Those in creative and innovative roles
– Individuals with responsibility for communications

About Scott McArthur
Scott is ferociously curious about multi-disciplinary thinking, in particular, at the intersection of science, the arts and business. This curiosity alongside his experience of working and consulting in over 200 organisations provides the context for his keynote speeches, workshops and webinars.

His particular passions:

1. Improving self-awareness & mindfulness;
2. Making sense of personal & organisational transformation;
3. Exploring where ideas and creativity come from, and
4. A belief that we have extraordinary capabilities that, with the right tools, can make individuals & organisations amazing.

Bio: Scott has enjoyed a varied, portfolio, career as a research scientist, data analyst, human resources professional, board member of an international science festival, business consultant, musical producer and business founder.

This unique blend of science, arts and business lead Scott, with his partner Samantha, to form Sculpture Consulting in 2012.  Sculpture aims to inspire people to think differently about themselves and change.

Scott is a speaker, writer and consultant who works with companies and individuals from all over the world and across the business sectors. He is also a visiting lecturer at several of the UK’s leading business schools and universities.

2019-10-716:002019-10-716:00Europe/London Webinar: Taking responsibility for your personal development in the digital environment Online webinar
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