Medlemmer deler viden om digital signage

Medlemmer deler viden
  • 18/09/2023
  • 14:00 to 15:30
  • Microsoft Teams

Sebastien Cugny from Richemont and Ralf Larsson from Electrolux will share their experiences with digital signage in global companies. These “members share knowledge” sessions are highly interactive, and everybody can contribute with their experiences.

PLAYipp at Electrolux

Ralf will talk about the following:

  • How we rolled out a global digital signage solution
  • Current status
  • How it integrates with our intranet and Microsoft 365 content
  • How we tactically partner with regional and local business stakeholders to get a solid local buy-in
  • Some words about info architecture, to make sure we blend local-regional-global content personalized to the local needs

Digital signage at Richemont

Sebastien will share good and bad experiences:

  • From a local vendor to a cloud-oriented solution
  • The IC perspective
  • Analytics
  • Support and coordination with local IT
  • Integrations and features

Key takeaways: 

  • How do you measure the communication impact of the digital signage solution?
  • How is the internal communications network/community set up for sharing resources (videos/images / PPTs)? Ex. producing videos in multiple languages for different factories
  • Who is deciding on what content to publish? Ex. publishing content from a global/corporate perspective, regional, local
  • How to secure a solid local buy-in that lasts over time
  • Finding the sweet spot between self-service and governance
Deltag gratis

Tag fat i facilitator Kurt Kragh Sørensen på eller tlf. 40181655, hvis du er interesseret i at deltage. Der er kun få ledige pladser. OBS: Konsulenter og leverandører har ingen adgang.

“Medlemmer deler viden” er onlinesessioner, hvor medlemmer deler viden om forskellige temaer. Her er der rigeligt med tid og mulighed for at dele viden på tværs af netværksgrupperne

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