Generative AI’s need for governance and impact on KM

  • 14/12/2023
  • 09:30 to 12:00
  • Microsoft Teams
Om netværksmødet

Join this meeting and hear about Generative AI’s need for governance and its impact on Knowledge Management.

Louis-Pierre Guillaume, Founder and Director of AMALLTE, will lead the session and bring his knowledge and experiences from a French conference on the same topic. There will be a brainstorming session among the members, followed by his take on the questions on the agenda.

Furthermore, we will share knowledge, ideas, insights and challenges about Knowledge Management in general.

About Louis-Pierre Guillaume

Founder and Director of Amallte since 2018, Louis-Pierre Guillaume is a KM and digital transformation expert. He helps organisations increase performance through efficient KM integrated into business practices.

He is an expert in communities of practice and team coaching, with 25 years of experience in knowledge management and digital transformation in large industrial companies (Schlumberger, Areva, Schneider Electric). He is the General Secretary of CoP-1, the association of KM practitioners in France, and teaches at KEDGE Business School and CNAM University.

He co-edited the “Practical Guide to Communities” (Éditions d’innovation, 2023).


09.30 Welcome to the meeting
09.35 Short presentation of each member
09.50 Members help members with their challenges
10.15 Break

10.30 Introduction to Louis-Pierre and Rotating Discussion about Generative AI’s need for governance and impact on KM
10.35 Rotating Discussion:

  • What are the opportunities for generative AI in business?
  • What governance is needed for Generative AI?
  • How will AGI impact knowledge management in the years to come?

11.45 Networking
12.00 Thank you, and see you next time

Gratis prøvemøde

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